NeuroNEXT Pipeline Development Committee has developed a flyer to present to industry partners describing the benefits of partnering with NeuroNEXT

The Network for Excellence in Neuroscience Clinical Trials, or NeuroNEXT, was created to conduct studies of treatments for neurological diseases through partnerships with academia, private foundations, and industry. The network is designed to expand the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke's (NINDS) capability to test promising new therapies, increase the efficiency of clinical trials before embarking on larger studies, and respond quickly as new opportunities arise to test promising treatments for people with neurological disorders.

The outstanding features of this program include a rigorous vetting system that identified 25 sites found to be exceptionally skilled in clinical trial development, recruitment and enrollment across the fields of Neurology. Each site has agreed to a Master Clinical Trial agreement between NINDS and the Clinical Site Principal Investigator. This agreement serves as a one-time contract for the duration of the grant (currently in year 4 of 7). Additionally, each site has agreed to conduct all clinical trials through a single centralized IRB. These features of NeuroNEXT overcome the two greatest hurdles for any multisite clinical trial: acquiring a signed contract and individual site IRB approval. 

Working with NeuroNEXT is a cooperative venture between NINDS, the NeuroNEXT network and the applicant.

NeuroNEXT Advantages to Industry:

 • Provides a robust, standardized, and accessible infrastructure to facilitate rapid development and implementation of protocols in neurological disorders affecting adult or pediatric populations. The network includes multiple Clinical Sites (each with dedicated NeuroNEXT site PI and research coordinator), one Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC) and one Data Coordinating Center (DCC).

• Offers a no-cost 1-hour teleconsultation with disease experts drawn from NeuroNEXT sites

• Mobilizes foundations and patient advocacy partners by leveraging existing relationships with NeuroNEXT to organize high impact exploratory clinical trials for neurological disorders.

•Available to scientifically sound exploratory interventional or biomarker-based trials that provide data for clear go/no-go decisions.

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